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About the MAF Unlimited™ Group

The objective of the MAF Unlimited™ Group is developing and offering products and services that provide insight into communication traffic and costs as well as lowering these costs within organizations.

The MAF Unlimited™ Group consists of the divisions MAF InfoCom™ and MAF Telecom™, These divisions are all 100% subsidiary and fully owned and jointly form the MAF Unlimited™ Group.

These companies all offer, in their own unique way, applications and solutions to gain insight and to save money in the area of ​​Fixed, Mobile IP and Unified Communications.

The MAF Unlimited™ Group has over 15 years experience and has become a player of considerable size in this market segment.

Through this website we would like to keep you informed on the developments within our organization.

On this website you can find information about the divisions MAF InfoCom™ and MAF Telecom™™ as well as links to the websites of these companies.